4-D Maintenance Services

At 4-D Lawn & Landscape we provide services for every stage of your landscape, not just the initial design and installation.  As a part of our ongoing commitment to our clients, we’ve developed the Maintenance Division.

We  offer complete lawn and landscape maintenance that can be custom tailored to meet your needs. Our maintenance division has the knowledge and experience one can only expect from the very best. Our trained maintenance crews keep current with the industries latest garden management techniques. In addition, we use state-of-the-art equipment so that we can meet and exceed all of your needs. Over the years, we have learned success is accomplished through regular scheduled functions performed at the best time to achieve maximum results.

We offer additional services throughout the year. Take a look at our additional services and see if we can assist you!

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Maintenance Services

Lawn Maintenance


Weekly mowing, edging, line trimming and blowing of lawn areas.

Custom Lawn & Landscape Maintenance


These programs can be custom tailored to meet your unique needs.

General Cleanup Maintenance


A combination of our services performed to get your lawn or garden back into shape.

Tree Work


Tree trimming, tree removal and stump grinding.

Mulch Installation


This service is usually performed just before spring arrives, but can be done anytime. Mulch is an organic covering of the soil that has numerous benefits such as: conserving soil temperature, preventing weeds, regulating soil temperature, reducing erosion, adding nutrients and improving appearance.

Seasonal Color


This service is usually performed twice annually, once in the spring and again in the fall. This service includes the removal of existing flowers, cultivating the flowerbeds and the installation of new flowers.

Shrub and Bed Maintenance


This service includes trimming and pruning your shrubs and ornamentals to maintain their natural shape, taking into consideration the design intent of the actual plant material. In addition, cultivation and hand weeding will be done to all bedding areas to maintain a well groomed appearance.

Winter Maintenance


This service starts right after the grass goes into dormancy around November. It basically includes the removal of leaves and trash from all landscape areas. This service will be scheduled as needed taking into consideration the number and size of trees on your property.

Turf Fertilization


The fertilization of the turf is accomplished in four applications. Professional slow released fertilizer is applied to the turf in the following months: May, July, September and October. These applications provide nourishment as well as strengthen the turf against disease and weeds.

Turf Pre and Post-Emergent

The pre and post emergent applications are accomplished in three rounds. These applications are applied in the months of January, March and November. The pre emergent applications are applied for control and prevention of early germination of most grassy and broadleaf weeds. The post emergent applications are applied to eliminate any existing broadleaf weeds.

Tree and Shrub Care


The tree and shrub applications are accomplished in six rounds. These applications are applied in the months of January, May, and September. These six applications are designed to control most ornamental diseases and insect problems. They also are designed to feed the trees and shrubs with a spring floral fertilization application and a fall deep root feeding.

Grub Control


This product is applied early in the summer around May. This treatment prevents grubs from damaging your yard.

Turf Insecticide Applications

This service can be done at anytime, but is recommended in April and July to help control unwanted insects such as fire ants, grubs, fleas, chiggers, cinch bugs, etc…

Sprinkler System Maintenance


This service can be done at anytime, but is recommended every 3 to 4 months. It consists of checking each station, straightening nozzles, cleaning nozzles if necessary and diagnosing troubled parts of the system.

Winter Rye Over-Seeding


This service is done in the month of October. It consists of scalping the grass down to a low of (1 ½ inches). All grass clippings will be bagged and hauled off. After scalping is done, the yard will be over-seeded with a winter rye blend of grass seed.